A list of books and publications we used as reference for our leather history.

Sources in Dutch

Vriendschap, magazine from the Dutch Gay movement COC, various issues 1949-1964

Leeuwarder Courant, (Dutch Newspaper) 1959

Katholieke Illustratie, (Dutch Catholic Weekly Magazine) issue #2, January 1964

Popfoto, Dutch magazine about pop music, issues from the 1970's

Kijk, Dutch popular science magazine, 1979

Homoseksualiteit in bezet Nederland, by Pieter Koenders, 1983

Leren Kleren, Mannelijkheid en de voorliefde voor leer, by Paul van Gelder, 1987

Safe Sex voor Leermannen, folder by Dutch Motorcycle clubs MSA, MSR and the Rurals, 1992

Kinky Sex, information folder from the Schorer Stichting Amsterdam, 1996

Sources in English

Physique Pictorial, various issues 1960's

Life, article "Homosexuality in America" issue June 26, 1964

Male Classics, English gay magazine, issue #34, 1965

Sir Gee, English gay magazine, #17 and #32, about 1968/1970

Leatherman's Handbook, by Larry Townsend, the complete first edition text, 1972

Nights in Black Leather, a film by and from Peter Berlin, 1973

Drummer, Volume 1 Number 2, 1975

The Black Leather Jacket, by Mick Farren, 1985

Athletic Model Guild, published by Intermale, Amsterdam, 1987

Rockers!, by Johnny Stuart, 1987

Rock 'n Roll comics; the Beatles Experience, 1991

Tom of Finland, by F. Valentine Hooven III, 1993

Beefcake, by F. Valentine Hooven III, 1995

The Black Pages, Guides for Leathermen, 1995 and 1996

Leather Jackets, published by Hamlyn, 1997

Honcho Magazine, 1997

Dirty Pictures; Tom of Finland, masculinity, and homosexuality, by Micha Ramakers, 2000

Sources in German

Partner, German Contact-Magazine for Gay men, spring 1972

Bravo, German Pop Magazine,  various issues 1981 and 1982

Lederlust, der S/M-Kult, translation into German of Leatherfolk, by Mark Thompson, 1991

Kerle in Ketten, by Thomas P. Armin, 1992

Eldorado, Homosexuality in Berlin 1850-1950, By Berlin Museum, 1992

Leder, by Petra Raszkowski, in the VIP series, 1996

Safer Sex für Ledermänner, MS Panther e.V. Berlin, 1994

Aufbruch aus dem Kohlenkeller, 30 Jahre Kölner Ledergeschichte, 1994

Safer Sex für Ledermänner, reprint of the original handbook by Loge 70 in Switzerland, 1996

Popcorn, German Pop Magazine, 1996, 1997

Goodbye to Berlin, 100 Jahre Schwulenbewegung, by Schwules Museum, 1997

Sources in other languages

MANège, Danish gay magazine, November 1965

Kick, Danish Gay Leather Magazine, #1, #2, #3 and #4, early 1970's

Projet X, International Hard Guide, early 1990's (French)

Projet X, French leather magazines from the 1990's

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