About us

Both in Leather in September 2006

On a trip to San Francisco

Both 58 years old and we have a relationship since 1993.

Where we live

Map of the Netherlands 
showing the town where we live in red.

We live about 90 kms (55 miles) South of Amsterdam.

Our wedding

We married in 2001. We were among the first in our city. We both wore black leather pants with a white stripe on our wedding day and even our best man wore leather pants: his idea!

wedding: exchange of the rings wedding: best man in leather pants signing wedding: cutting of the cake

Some of our wedding pictures in leather.

Media adventure

By coincidence our wedding plans became world news after we were present when the "law on the opening of marriage for people of the same sex" was passed in Dutch parliament in 2000.

top left ABC-News website, right a Chinese News website
bottom left a Spanish newspaper, right BBC television

Where we go out

We don't go out as much as we used to. But over the years we did manage to visit leatherbars in Antwerp (Belgium), Paris (France), Berlin, Hamburg, D sseldorf (Germany), London (UK), Phoenix (AZ), San Francisco (CA) and even Milan (Italy).

Prinzknecht and Mutschmann's in Berlin

Places we go but not nearly often enough:
Berlin, Prinzknecht and Mutschmann's.

L Whip Cracking

After a couple of seasons practice L is now quite good in handling his bullwhips. You can see him on video doing four different cracks with the 8 Feet bull whip.

L whip cracking

Click the image above to start the video, or click your right mouse and download the movie first (choose 'save target as' and download to your local hard disc).

Size of the file is 650kB, for some connections it will take some time to download this movie. This is a Real media file. You need a free real media player to be able to see this video (at least version 8). Download RealPlayer

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