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Non-commercial personal pages

LEATHERHISTORY.EU (formerly LTHR.NL) a non-profit blog on the European, Dutch and Amsterdam leather scene.

Fistrik, Very informative Amsterdam based personal site on FF., private website of a very hot French couple in French and English

Leathernick, private page of a leather (& rubber) guy in Hamburg, in English.

Skinny's Homepage Zwei Hamburger Armyboys. (German and partly English)

Resources, other links, etc.

Nighttours a great site with (also) a lot of info on the Amsterdam Leather Nightlife.

Gay Amsterdam On-Line | Amsterdam Leather Guide | Gay News A'dam

XXXLeather, Triple X leather party in Amsterdam.

Leather Archives & Museum in Chicago

GayRomeo  German based gay social site

GayRomeo Germany

Photographer Henning von Berg   Berlin - Amsterdam - Los Angeles

Henning von Berg

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